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With Years Of Expertise In Development, We Create Outstanding Homes And Commercial Spaces

Our mission is rooted in delivering unparalleled craftsmanship and value, ensuring every project reflects our commitment to excellence.



At Shadow Rock, we’re on the front lines, making sure your project gets the green light it deserves. Navigating the maze of permits and approvals can be tough, but we’ve got the grit and know-how to see it through. Our Entitlements service is about cutting through the red tape, advocating for your project, and laying the groundwork for success. We handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on the bigger picture: bringing your vision to life.


Infrastructure is the backbone of any great development, and at Shadow Rock, we build strong from the ground up. We’re talking roads, utilities, and everything else that keeps a community ticking.

Our team is seasoned in planning and executing infrastructure projects that not only meet current needs but pave the way for future growth. Let’s roll up our sleeves and build the kind of foundation your project deserves.


Design and Marketing

Great design speaks volumes, and paired with smart marketing, it’s unstoppable. Shadow Rock’s Design and Marketing service isn’t about just looking good; it’s about creating a brand and space that resonates with people. From eye-catching visuals to strategic campaigns that get the word out, we’re here to make sure your project stands out in the marketplace. We’ll craft a message that hits home and a design that turns heads.

Vertical Build Out

When it’s time to go from blueprints to buildings, Shadow Rock’s Vertical Build Out service is your on-the-ground force. We’re talking construction, brick by brick, floor by floor, until your vision stands tall against the skyline. Our approach is hands-on, detail-oriented, and relentlessly focused on quality and efficiency. With a toolbox ready and a team of experts at your service, we’re here to turn those plans into reality, one solid, well-crafted layer at a time.

Create a Home That Defines Who You Are

Our Projects

Each community we develop is more than just a collection of homes; it’s a testament to our dedication to creating spaces where life’s best moments can unfold. Discover the distinctive features and amenities that make our communities truly special.
Shadow Rock Summit Series-0276

Three Falls

-Alpine, Utah

Shadow Rock Summit Series-14

Discovery Ridge

-Park City, UT


Palm View Lane

-Kauai, HI